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Thread: Oversupply just at night?

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    Default Oversupply just at night?

    Is it possible to have oversupply just at night?

    LO is almost 10 weeks. My supply has seemed settled since around 6 weeks. But in the past fortnight, I've been ending up engorged (and consequently leaking everywhere) overnight. LO still feeds 2-3 times a night, at roughly the same times she has since 4 weeks. So I'm a bit confused as to why I'm suddenly experiencing these issues. Aside from engorgement at the very beginning, and during the 6 week growth spurt, I've had no other supply issues. I didn't leak AT ALL to this point.

    The other thing I'm noticing is that LO takes many attempts to latch at night. Little sips for a good few mins, before she finally latches properly. I'd put this down to lazy latching (she's had a PTT snipped twice). But I now wonder if she's just trying to manage the flow?

    Is there anything I can do to help settle my supply at night without affecting it in the day? As daytimes are fine!

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    Default Re: Oversupply just at night?

    Prolactin levels are highest overnight, so it is fairly common to experience higher milk production at that time. I would just stay the course - feeding on demand and nothing else, and eventually your body will get the message to slow down milk production at night. You can use cold compresses or cabbage leaves if the engorgement is really painful, or hand express just enough to be comfortable - but the more you express the longer it will take for your supply to regulate.

    Try nursing in a reclined position or side lying at night to slow the flow for your baby.

    I had to put towels down under me for months because of leaking. It will get better, though.
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    Default Re: Oversupply just at night?

    What Phi said. I, too, slept on a towel for months.

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    Default Re: Oversupply just at night?

    . Side lying is perfect for this!
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