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Thread: Stool consists only of mucus and smells very fishy

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    Question Stool consists only of mucus and smells very fishy

    Hi! My son is 4 months old and he usually poops every 2-3 days. His stool has been normal color and consistency until tonight. He had no color in his stool at all tonight. There were only a few strings of mucus and it smelled very fishy. I am worried. It's late and I can't sleep because of it. He doesn't have a fever. I am not sure if has been fussier or not. He pooped 3 times today altogether/ 1- yellow and pretty thick , 2- greenish and looser, 3- mucus with fishy smell. He is exclusively breastfed. No other food, formula, water.

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    My rule with poop is "don't worry over one weird poop- look for a pattern". So I'd say that what you describe is odd, but nothing to freak out about unless it continues or baby starts to seem sick. But feel free to call your pediatrician and ask for their take on it- if they think baby should come in, they'll tell you. And I know I always feel dumb when I throw away a copay for nothing, but I also know I'd rather risk feeling foolish because I took my kid in when there was nothing wrong, than feel foolish because I didn't take my kid in when she was sick.

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