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Thread: pulling at breast - ouch

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    Default pulling at breast - ouch

    Hi all,
    My DS is 7 mo and has been pretty much EBF, though he is starting some solids now. In the past couple weeks, however, I'm starting to have some nipple pain during BFing, which I think is the result of a couple things. When he latches, his mouth is nice and open. However, as he starts to suck, the latch becomes narrower. As the milk lets down, he continues to suck but is pulling away as he does so, sometimes to the point of losing the latch. I think he's actually been doing this for a while, but while school was in session (I'm a teacher) I really only breastfed him 3x/day. Now it's more like 5-6 and it's becoming more of a problem. It also may not help that he has his 2 bottom teeth, which I think are sometimes bumping up against the nipple, esp. during the comfort nursing portion of each session.

    I have had some mild OALD issues in the past, which I'm assuming is the cause. How can I encourage him to widen the latch and stop pulling away from me?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: pulling at breast - ouch

    I would take out the nipple and reattach him again. And do it each time he starts pulling the nipple. So that he understood that he needs to grab it properly. Also, you may try holding his head closer to your breast while he eats so that he couldn't slide back.

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