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    Hi ladies. Question about my right breast LO is 6 weeks. Been dealing with an oversupply issue that Slowly is improving. Also I'm having a huge hind/foremilk imbalance on just that side. Trying different things such as two hours on the right side and three hours on the left. Also tried BF on the left side and offering the right when almost full for two feedings and the right for one feeding alternating. Still having imbalance issues. I had to start pumping this morning for work and I pumped .75 ounces on the left (it was nice and creamy) and 2.4 ounces on the right (definitely foremilk) in 5 minutes. How am I supposed to correct this imbalance on just one side? Also something puzzling to me is my right breast sprays THE ENTIRE TIME. My poor LO has to deal with that the entire feeding? What's wrong with my breast? My letdown can't possibly last 5 minutes on one side.

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    When I had one side that was producing much more than the other in the early weeks with my third daughter, and very fast letdown on the side as well, what helped the most was encouraging her to nurse very frequently on the high producing side- probably more often than every 2 hours on that side during the day. Sometimes I also had to express a little milk prior to her nursing but not often.

    If your baby is gaining very well - faster than average, and you want to try block nursing on one side, you could try that. This would be done by nursing on the other side ONLY for 2 or more nursing sessions. Be sure baby is nursing as often as baby normally world, just not on the side you are blocking for the "block" periods of time you are trying. You could do this all the time, part of the day, whatever. Some moms see improvement in a day or less, some it takes longer, but the current suggestion is to not practice block nursing longer than one week. Some moms need to do quite long blocks to reduce production, some do not. Block feeding will reduce milk production, which is why you want to be very sure you are able to safely do that. (This is why you look at baby's weight gain before block feeding.) Also you need to watch out for getting engorged and developing plugs or mastitis, so hand expressing as needed or letting baby nurse here and there even during a "block" may be needed. Be aware that until your milk production on the right actually does reduce, block nursing may make the fast letdown worse, because the longer milk sits in the breast the faster the letdown is. Here is a good article about this: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog?tag=Block+Feeding

    I would suggest that there is nothing unusual about spraying for a certain amount of time. Who says letdowns can't last 5 minutes? There is nothing wrong with your breast.

    Also, I would suggest do not worry so much about foremilk and hindmilk. There is no evidence that milk that looks "nice and creamy" is in any way better for a baby than milk that looks watery. All three of my kids got lots of foremilk from my overproduction, and not to brag or anything, they are all three exceedingly healthy.

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    The idea that foremilk/hindmilk "imbalance" exists, and is a problem, is one of those breastfeeding myths that just. won't. die. There is NOTHING wrong with the so-called foremilk. That watery-looking milk contains all the same nutrients as the creamy-looking milk. It has somewhat less fat and more lactose (milk sugar) than the creamy-looking milk, but it's not skim milk by any stretch of the imagination.

    Let's step away from what you've observing about your milk for a moment. Instead, let's focus on other issues:
    - Is your baby gaining weight at a normal rate?
    - Is your baby generally happy when she nurses?
    - Are you generally comfortable when your baby nurses?
    - Are you having any issues with being visibly lopsided?

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