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    My 3 week old is constantly searching to eat. Even after i breast feed her and i hear and feel her sucking and swollowing, she is continually searching after time on each breast. I also have an 18 month old and so i dont have the time to just sit down and feed all day. It bothers me because i just feel like shes not getting satisfied and my family has the mentality of "well just give her a bottle" well i tried that too (of pumped breast milk) due to being pressured and she still seemed unsatisfied. i just dont know what to do to make sure shes completely fed, but in a timely manner?

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    This is normal. I would get a sling, wrap, or other style carrier that is easy for you to nurse in so that your baby can nurse as much as you like and you can still attend your 18 month old.
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    This is normal. Se's a newborn, and she's probably going through her first big growth spurt.

    How long does baby take to eat? Does she seem sleepy at the breast? How has her weight gain been?

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    The newborn period is so challenging, but truly if your baby is gaining as she should and pooping enough, this 'constant nursing' behavior is entirely normal and neccesary during the first 4-8 weeks particularly. The sling idea is a great one, also you can find plenty of things you can do one handed with your toddler while you nurse. If you can nurse in a laid back positon you may find you can get one or even both hands free more easily as demonstrated in this video: http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/video/bn3clip.html

    Since your family is so invested, rather than pressuring you to give your healthy breastfed baby a bottle, which is not going to help anything and will likely cause breastfeeding issues, perhaps they can help by caring for your 18 month old (or hiring a mothers helper for you if they are not around,) so you are free to care for your newborn infant. article on frequent nursing: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/frequent-nursing/

    You could try breast compressions to see if that makes nursing sessions faster, but that may or may not help as again, this is entirely normal. http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17

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    It's the three week growth spurt.

    And you can nurse and care for other kids; I have nursed two babies plus my oldest and actually EPed for my fourth baby. A few things that may help:
    Sling for baby so baby can be near you and even nurse
    Sit on the couch and let 18 month old play with toys while you narrate.
    Confine everyone to one room
    Sit and read books while you nurse
    Watch TV with toddler if you do TV while you nurse

    This goes quickly, and it will be fine.
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    Thank you to you all. i appreciate all the advice and will def try the things that were suggested

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    I went through the same thing. My LO would eat every hour (if we even made it that long) and she would only eat 5 min. or so on one side and be done. It was really fustrating. I was not use to this because I formula fed my first. It doesn't help that I have an overactive let down. She was really fussy and gassy and I just couldn't figure it out. I was debating EPing (tried that for awhile and it was a pain) We've tried bottles and I also tried formula for 2 days (thinking somthing had to be better then this) Well it made no difference so I just went back to nursing again. I switched between breast and bottles and just kept at it. She is now 6 weeks and I finally think we are getting better at nursing. I think I finally have my OALD figured out. She will still only eat 5-10 min. on one side during a feeding but she is happier and she will last 2-3 hours We still do bottles sometimes but for the most part I nurse. I didn't think I would ever be at this point but I'm so glad I kept trying and I hope it continues. HANG IN THERE! I know people say it will get better and you think yeah okay BUT it really does!

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