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Thread: How to start pumping after handling oversupply issues

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    Default How to start pumping after handling oversupply issues

    I've had an oversupply issue with my 4 week old baby. I think I've come to the point where I've stabilized the milk imbalance by breastfeeding on one side until I've fully exhausted the milk supply in that breast, which spans a period of 6-12 hours for one breast exclusively. Now I want to start pumping so that others in my household can share in the joy of feeding, but I'm afraid to set off the imbalance again! We've worked so hard to get here! I'm sooo happy & rested lately & my baby is no longer colicky but I'd love to know what the optimal way is to start the pumping process without triggering overproduction??

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    Default Re: How to start pumping after handling oversupply issues

    The best way to avoid oversupply is not to pump. Sorry. Introducing bottles this early can trigger a lot of other issues as well that can really sabotage breastfeeding. There are lots of other things your family can do with the baby: baths, diaper changes, rocking, singing, playing. There is absolutely no reason why anyone else needs to feed the baby to bond.
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    I wouldn't upset the apple cart. People do not bond through feeding. People bond through doing things for others. Have them bathe, dress, change diapers, handle burping, etc. It's probably still too early to pump for a bottle.
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    Default Re: How to start pumping after handling oversupply issues

    with pps. early bottles are always a potential problem. And the issue in your case would not only be overstimulation due to the pumping, but the missed feeding at the breast when the bottle is given, which also causes issues when there is oversupply or ffld issues.

    These articles may help with ideas of how your family can bond with & enjoy your baby while supporting breastfeeding: For the other parent or main helper: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...t_partners.pdf

    And for grandparents: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...sbreastfed.pdf

    Fussy baby ideas for anyone: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ybabyideas.pdf

    My husband never gave our sons bottles in the early months and they bonded beautifully from the getgo. And he gave me lots of breaks too. When I was done nursing, he put baby in the sling and walked baby down while humming to him. Oh it worked like a charm. If he was too tired for that, he sat back on the couch and let baby snuggle into his chest and go to sleep while I took a shower or ate something. Heaven for me and we have the cutest pictures of these times. Later-several months on, my husband did give the very occasional bottle when I had to go out somewhere sans baby, but I once asked my husband if he ever missed giving bottles early on and he said no, never!

    If you do pump and do bottles, I can only suggest what I am sure you already know-proceed VERY slowly and with caution. Like pump once a week at first, if that. And no need for you to pump lots, a couple of ounces is plenty for a bottle. And teach your family how to give bottles in a more breastfeeding supportive way. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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