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    Help! My baby is almost 5 mo and about 3 weeks ago i stopped letting down. What do I do? If I am very relaxed I am able to let down. I am very anxious and stressed about it. Even when I pump I have no let down. He has lost 3oz because of this. How do I get my let down back?
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    Welcome to the forum! Questions for you:
    - Can you tell us how you know that you have stopped letting down?
    - Is baby nursing on demand, or on a schedule?
    - Have you been supplementing with formula or previously stored breastmilk?
    - If you have not been supplementing, how have your baby's diapers been?
    - How do you know about the 3 oz weight loss- are you using a professional scale or the bathroom scale?
    - Are you pregnant or using hormonal contraception?

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    My letdown sensation is not as strong as it was in the first two months, and I know it won't be. I know I have stopped because he is not swallowing and he gets very frustrated, tense, and cries.

    He is nursing on demand. I shoot for every 3 hours.

    No formula ever.

    Always wet diapers, not much poo, every other to every two days.

    We were at the dr. a month ago for a clogged tear duct. And then again last week for his vac appt. So it was the same scale.

    Not preg, no birth control.

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    Thanks for answering those questions. Based on your answers, I think it would be a good idea to contact an IBCLC and go in for a consultation, and maybe rent a professional scale for use at home. Good diaper output + not supplementing + nursing on demand + not pregnant + no hormonal contraception should = no problem. Not feeling letdowns and having baby become fussy at the breast are generally meaningless. But you obviously perceive something going on that is outside the usual realm and there's that troublesome weight loss. So I'd love to have you really have that perception confirmed or ruled out by a professional. The scale could help you do it, since doing weigh-feed-weigh records for a few days will allow you to know exactly how much milk your baby takes in over the course of a day.

    Couple more questions-
    - Have you ever had thyroid problems? If not, have you been tested for them recently?
    - Has your baby been sick recently?
    - Are you 100% sure you aren't pregnant?

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    Just got my thyroid checked last week and every thing is normal.
    He has not been sick.
    100% not pregnant!!!!!

    I went to my OB and she put me on Metoclopramide 5mg. 1 tablet 4 times a day. Which has made my milk come in like a week after he was born. I have started letting down for the most part how ever i am still having times that I dont let down. I think my Anxiety is stopping my letdown.

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    I have been having a weight check at the hospital for 3 weeks now and he has been gaining. From last week to today he has gained 10oz. He is at 13pounds 6zo. Things are going better.

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    It's possible that anxiety could be affecting letdown- I read this really interesting paper about how adrenalin (which is often produced when someone is anxious) can inhibit the milk-ejection reflex in cows, and we're mammals just like cows are...

    Are you getting treatment for the anxiety?

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    Yes! I know it is all anxiety. I have noticed that when my mind is busy and focused on other things i always letdown. My ob gave me some anti anxiety meds (zoloft) I have not yet started the medication.

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