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Thread: Blocked Milk Ducts - 2 months after stopping expressing!!

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    Default Blocked Milk Ducts - 2 months after stopping expressing!!

    Hello All!

    I have an 8 month old daughter who would not attach and breastfeed - so i had to expressed all of my breast milk for her using a pump. I managed to do this for 6 months! I stopped 2 months ago but i still have a lot of pain in my right breast and my Dr has confirmed that i have some blocked milk ducts (i had 2 ultrasounds to detect them!). I was told that there is nothing i can really do about it and that hopefully with my next pregnancy they will clear up......i have no idea when that might be but probably about a year away!!

    Does anyone have any advice for clearing blocked milk ducts in someone that has completely stopped breastfeeding and producing milk for over 2 months??

    Thank you!!!!!
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    Default Re: Blocked Milk Ducts - 2 months after stopping expressing!

    Welcome to the forum!

    It sounds like you actually didn't completely stop producing milk- if you had, the ducts would be empty. So you still have some minimal production going on.

    In general, when a mom has a plugged duct she is advised to clear it by drawing out the milk, using a combination of massage, moist heat, and nursing or pumping. But I am not sure that's what you want to do- you've stopped for 2 months and conceivably this is the last gasp of your milk and maybe if you just leave it alone it will clear- I'd guess well in advance of your next pregnancy.

    Moist heat (like immersing the affected breast in the tub) and massage might be a good idea, though. As one mama here recently said about massaging a plugged duct, if it hurts you're doing it right. You also might want to try a different bra, since plugs often occur when something puts pressure on a duct- often it's an underwire that's to blame. A soy lecithin supplement may help get things flowing, and you could also try reducing saturated fat in your diet and drinking sage or peppermint tea to try to damp production down to zero.

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    Default Re: Blocked Milk Ducts - 2 months after stopping expressing!

    Agree with PPs.
    even though you haven't expressed your milk in 2 months, your breasts are still producing trace amounts.
    Usually, the last remnants of milk left in the ducts are reabsorbed into the body. Your body is taking its time reabsorbing the left over milk.
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    Default Re: Blocked Milk Ducts - 2 months after stopping expressing!

    When I stopped nursing my DD at 14 months I had this in my one breast just a few weeks after completely stopping. I applied some massage after a hot shower. A stream of milk shot out. I didn't continue to produce milk after and it was gone. Not sure if it will work for you but thought I would share. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Blocked Milk Ducts - 2 months after stopping expressing!

    Thank you all for your replies! I will try the massage!

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