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Thread: Metformin and Breastfeeding?

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    Default Metformin and Breastfeeding?

    I am reading conflicting information on this being safe or not while breastfeeding. My ds is 8 months and I have pcos and am ttc again. Has anyone taken this? I just want to get more info and others experiences before I start or not start taking it.

    My supply has also taken a pretty big nose dive and nothing really helps me as far as fenugreek and teas are concerned, Im thinking my nursing adventure is coming to an end

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    Default Re: Metformin and Breastfeeding?

    When in doubt about medication safety, contact the Infant Risk center: http://www.infantrisk.com/

    What makes you so sure your supply has taken a nosedive? Often moms mistake normal adjustments to supply for low supply. If you do have low supply, teas and herbs may help, but do not typically do nearly as much for you as frequent milk removal by nursing or pumping.

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