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Thread: Help please preparing to BF second baby when first could not

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    Default Help please preparing to BF second baby when first could not


    Just found out we are expecting our second baby and although I am incredibly excited, I am also very nervous that I will have the same problem trying to bf that I had last time. Our dughter is 2 1/2 years old and although she latched perfectly with no issues, I never built up any kind of supply. My breasts never changed a size, I never had a let down feeling, and after feeding for 20 min per side my daughter was crying each time for more.
    Pumping after feeding only ever gave me 2 ounces a day total, and that was after trying fenugreek and the magic bread that my local mom's group swears by. My thyroid was checked before I got pregnant with daughter and OB said it was fine so I don't think that is an issue.
    I only got to bf her for a month untill I went back to work, since 40 min to feed then bottle to finish while pumping took up my whole day. I'm worried with a seond I will have no time at all to even try. If anyone has had a similar situation or any advice I would really appreciate it!
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    Default Re: Help please preparing to BF second baby when first could

    Fist place to start is by evaluating your birth. Did things happen that can interfere with milk supply?

    Did baby have unrestricted access to nursing on demand?

    Don't worry about pumping amounts...some moms can't pump a drop but can nurse.

    What made you think baby was not getting enough milk? Only the time factor?

    Hook up with a local IBCLC and get as much information as you can.
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    Default Re: Help please preparing to BF second baby when first could

    and check out the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding ($14 on amazon) and read it before baby comes. and see if there's a LLL group you can start going to, now!
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    Default Re: Help please preparing to BF second baby when first could

    I honestly think the key to success is having faith in your body. Education is a close second, but for me success has been all about a leap of faith. I just did not consider any option but success, and powered through the rough spots

    A couple things for you to think about... among successfully breastfeeding moms:

    many women do not have an increase in breast size. Many women do not get engorged. Many of us also do not feel letdowns (I didn't for about the first three months). Many of us don't pump very much after a feeding (I only get about half an ounce if I pump within an hour of a feeding, but back at work on three sessions per day can provide all he needs for daycare the next day now that I'm back at work). None of these things necessarily mean there is poor supply. Also, many infants cluster feed, or want to nurse shortly after the last session, or have confusing behavior at the breast. That also does not necessarily indicate poor supply.

    For me, it was quite common to be glued to a couch nursing almost nonstop in the evenings as my son cluster fed in the evenings. When I went back to work, I felt like I had two full time jobs - my actual job, and feeding my son. Truthfully, it was exhausting, physically and mentally. All I can tell you is that it gets much, much, much better. By four months it was WAY easier and all kinds of time opened up as he got more efficient.

    Have faith. You can totally do this, and you will be successful. Learn about the stuff you posted about as problems (search here and on kellymom), and learn what you actually do need to worry about (weight gain, using the WHO growth charts for breastfed infants, and diaper output) and you will be fine

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    I so understand your fears with trying to BF after not being able to with your first. I really really wanted to BF with my DD when she was born and I tried so hard but I got a lot of poor advice on how to do it before I ever left the hospital saying my hole areola had to be in the babys mouth. I tried for 3 or 4 months well supplementing with formula only to give up after My dad had a heart attack and my daughter had a major heart condition of her own what little milk she was getting stopped to stress. So when I found out I was pregnant I decided I would buy the best pump I could and just express my milk over deal with the heart ache of failing again. Over time though I changed my mind and talked to a few women who encouraged me to try. It was the best choice I ever made I did buy the best pump I could get and am happy to say the only action it got was on my trip out of state. In the end stop thinking about how it was before this is a different pregnancy different child things will be different. Stay positive and relaxed you can do it this time read every thing you can about how to help you be successful. I know there are so many things I read before my son and and did different this time and I think it has helped me so much in being successful this time around.

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