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Thread: Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

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    Default Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    I need some help, I feel like I am about to jump off the ledge, into formula land.

    My sweet baby boy is 8 months on July 4th. Our nursing relationship is outstanding, I mean, nearly perfect. So why am I on the ledge? Here's a little info - I work full time, but work from home 2 days per week. So, on the days I am at the office, I pump. I usually pump twice in the 8 hour period and get about 10-12 ounces total from both breasts in about 10-15 minutes - no issues there. So, I generally pump Monday for Wednesday (home Tuesday) and Wednesday for Friday (home Thursday) and Friday for the following Monday. Early on, I managed to get a freezer stash of about 25-30 (4-6 oz bags). Some days at work, I am not able to pump twice, so this has caused my hubby to have to dip into the freezer stash. This has all been working out well. Until this week. All of the sudden, the baby doesn't want to drink from a bottle. About 2 weeks ago, we went on a family vacation, so there was no bottles at all. This had no impact immediately following vacation...so I am not sure if that is it.

    Yesterday, for example, I fed him at 7:45 am, he wouldn't eat a bottle at all during the day and then once I got home, he was famished and ate like a champ. BUT THEN...he wanted to eat all. night. long. We were up at least every two hours last night. I AM SOOO TIRED! He munched on a little bit of peas and mangos, but didn't have much interest. This is very weird, he's quite the eater. 23.5 pounds at 8 months!!!

    He does have a little bit of a sore throat, so the doc said he might not be to interested in eating. I get that and I anticipated that, but its weird that he won't take a bottle, won't eat his solids (which he loves), but will nurse like a champ!

    I keep going back and forth as to whether its just time to end the nursing relationship or not. Obviously, he's still getting enough to eat, still pees and poops like crazy.

    We are going on an adult only vacation in September (he will be 10 months old) and with my freezer stash dwindling and me too exhausted to have extra time to pump (also have a 5 yr old and 4 yr old too), I am worried there will not be enough of my milk saved for him in September.


    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    Hang in there Momma! Have you tried a sippy cup with him yet? My DS was drinking out of a straw at that age (one of the soft rubber ones) he might be more willing to take that than a bottle. Another thought, do you cosleep? The up at night is rough but if he isn't feeling well he may just need momma and of you don't have to get up and get him it might help. Everything else sounds lke its going well don't give up momma!
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    Default Re: Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    with browncow. Try a sippy cup. You may need to try a pretty wide variety of types to find one that works. My son completely rejected bottles between 8-9 months and transitioned flawlessly to a sippy cup. He started using a regular cup shortly after a year. Honestly, I'm grateful that it went down that way, no anxiety or prodding on my part to get him to give up bottles as he got older.

    The truth is, I'm not sure that formula will do any good at all if he won't take a bottle. At least if he is nursing, he is still getting some milk.
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    Default Re: Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    The nursing and not taking a bottle could be due to the sore throat. Dont jump off the edge while your baby isn't 100%. Things may go back to normal when baby is better.

    FWIW, my baby is 100% bottlefed, and he wakes up a LOT to eat during the night when he is sick, teething, I was away for a few hours, whatever.
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    Default Re: Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    phi - makes sense now that I read it...going to formula wouldn't help if he won't take a bottle. LOL!

    Thank you for all your suggestions - just over thinking things and worrying about our trip in September and having enough milk on hand and him taking it from a bottle (or sippy).

    Thank you again! This really helps!

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