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Thread: 3 1/2 week old nursing for 4 hours straight?! Help!!

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    Exclamation 3 1/2 week old nursing for 4 hours straight?! Help!!

    My baby will be 4 weeks Monday and almost every night my husband and I sit up for four hours or more trying to get her to sleep. She nurses, and drifts off, for four hours or more. When she stops and unlatches we burp her and try to lay her down but she wakes up fussing then starts screaming until I start to nurse her again. She does this even when she seems to of had a good feeding. She is gaining weight and has plenty of poopy and wet diapers every day too. Is this normal?!? I feel so bad because I'm SOO tired and just need some sleep!
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    Default Re: 3 1/2 week old nursing for 4 hours straight?! Help!!

    It's normal. Newborns often prefer to be held while they sleep. What if you or your husband lean back on some pillows, reclined but not flat, with baby on your chest? If you do this long enough she may go into a deep enough sleep that she will stay asleep even if put down. In any case at least then you could close your own eyes and snooze for a bit with baby cradled safe on top of you. This is very early days yet this will get better, but right now baby is still adjusting to life outside the constant comfort and security of the womb.

    Some parents decide to ditch the crib most of the time and simply sleep with baby. If this appeals to you, you can look into how to maximize safety when bedsharing.

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    Default Re: 3 1/2 week old nursing for 4 hours straight?! Help!!

    dear momma,
    my lo's did this too when they were this young.
    I napped during the day to help prevent exhaustion.
    I also wore the baby in a sling during the day.
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    Normal. Babies instinctively want to remain in contact with their mommies (preferably), or their daddies (if mommy is not available). Babies don't know that they aren't still living in caveman times, when being put down meant a better chance of being eaten by a sabretooth tiger!

    Is your baby sleeping in a crib or bassinet? For a lot of moms, co-sleeping means better sleep for mom and baby. And it is safe, when practiced safely (no mounds of soft bedding, no gaps that baby can roll into, no waterbeds, mom is breastfeeding and both mom and dad are non-smoking, non-drinking, non-drug abusing, etc.).

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    Default Re: 3 1/2 week old nursing for 4 hours straight?! Help!!

    I so remember those days! I felt like a walking zombie! Hang in there! I promise it does get better! As the previous posts say, she is still trying to figure out the world and the safest place she can be is with you. She knows your voice, smell and feedings bring her close to you, which is all she's known since being conceived. Trying to remember that can make it easier. Try to get a lot of breaks from others so you can rest, and just take it as it comes. Try not to look at the negative, being that you can't lay her down, but that she wants and needs you right now. One day (too soon) she will be running away from you and you want to cuddle. s
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    Default Re: 3 1/2 week old nursing for 4 hours straight?! Help!!

    Same. :/
    My son won't sleep alone. This started actually about 2 weeks ago. He won't sleep if anyone puts him down.. in a swing, in his bassinet.

    So we co sleep. I love him very much and i LOVe the cuddle time.
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    Agree. My DS did this from day one until about 3mos. Actually that is how we sorta fell into doing a lot of AP parenting things. We hadn't really given anything much thought and we just did whatever kept him from crying and it made our lives so much easier. Plus initially the hospital said not to let him cry cuz he was month early and worried about weight gain. I will say we are not staunch APers but in these really early months I do think it is the best way. Baby's needs come first and crying is the way they communicate those needs; listen. This won't last forever even if it feels like it will. Over time DS learned to sleep laying down next to me only, then daddy, and then alone but only in our bed (with everything stripped for safety) and now he is in his pack n play in our room. He still sleeps with us at night but he takes naps by himself.

    I could never get the feeding in a sling down but it helped so much for DS to nap in and me not feel so tied down. Specially when he was doing this nursing marathon like your lo is doing.
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