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Thread: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

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    Default Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lasbi.modeu View Post
    For what I understand, I don't think she wants to pump. She is not asking for advice on how to pump so to answer your questions:

    - Your milk supply will drop but you can still nurse whenever you are with your LO. Co-sleeping is a great idea, it will also give you that closeness that you will lack during the day (I love to nurse all night so it's easy for me)
    - Wake your baby up, he'll benefit from it.

    I don't have personal experience about this but my BFF has twins, she never had enough milk for both One weaned very early on despite all her efforts but the boy is still nursing and he is over a year old. Breastfeeding was never his main source of milk but she kept going, it's always better something than nothing IMO

    Good Luck!
    My advice answered her general question about maintaining supply at 8 months pp. Pumping during the day will be the most effective way to do this. Many times teachers don't have a free hour to pump so if that was the case with her, my post and the 2 prior suggested BTDT ways to work that in...again because pumping when away from baby will be the most effective way to maintain supply.

    But lasbi.modeu, thanks so much for clarifying that for us! and so nicely too! I will let you handle it from here x 1000000
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    Default Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    An additional thought is that at 8 months your LO could get by very well for 8 to 10 hours without any breast milk. My daughter never really accepted a bottle well. At 4 months she often took less than 3oz total during the 12 hours I was away. She was still too young for solids, but actually dealt with it well and grew fine. I pumped at work mainly to keep myself comfortable and maintain my supply for when we were together. She made up for the lack of nursing during the day by reverse cycling. We ended up co-sleeping as a survival mechanism to cope with her all-night-nursing. To the OP, as much as pumping is a PITA you may find you will still need to for your own comfort. Also, limiting your LO to two nursing sessions a day may prove to be much more difficult and involve more crying than you may think. When you get home from work, after that separation, your baby may be very focused on re-connecting with mommy.

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    Default Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    You've gotten good advice here. I think teaching is one of the WORST professions for pumping. It sucks, I'm sorry.

    I do think you'll be pushing it trying to keep breastfeeding with only 2 feedings a day, but if there is any way to add a few more feedings (during the evening, night, and morning, perhaps) that would increase your chances of success. Pumping once a day or on the way to work, etc., would also be helpful for maintaining your supply (although I can understand not wanting to pump - most of us get that, pumping is not super fun!). Basically, it's possible that it could work with only two feedings a day, but I think most women would see their supply decrease dramatically breastfeeding only twice a day at eight months. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    Is there a reason why you can only do two feedings a day? I understand that as a teacher, you can probably only pump once during your day (on your lunch) if at all. And if you just don't want to pump, that's okay. But you could nurse as soon as you get home, throughout the entire evening, then before bed and once in the morning before work. If you get home around 4, it could look like this: nurse at 4, nurse at 6, nurse at bedtime, nurse at night if baby wakes, then nurse in the morning before leaving for work. It would be very easy to get in at least four feedings that way, I would think. You'd have a better chance of maintaining a decent milk supply that way than limiting nursing to only twice a day.

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    Default Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    With my second child, I had planned to pump during the day (I am lucky enough to be at a job where it is really easy), but she never took to a bottle, and was doing fine with solids at 8 months. So I never ended up pumping with her, and we just nursed on demand when I was home in the evenings and weekends. We never needed to supplement - she got enough milk from the nursing she got while I was home. If I were in your shoes and just couldn't make pumping work, I would just try to nurse as much as I could while home. Kudos to you for making it this far in a demanding situation.

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    Default Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    I haven't pumped at my internship since DS was 4 months old. I pump at home before I pick him up and usually get between 7 - 10 oz, which is enough combined with solids for the day while I am gone. That might work for you.

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