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Thread: Solution for identifying spoiled breast milk?

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    Question Solution for identifying spoiled breast milk?

    I am a newly expecting mother trying to plan for everything that is to come in the
    next few months and years. Naturally, I am very paranoid and concerned with the safety of my baby. Recently, I stumbled upon this product that promises to identify when my breast milk has gone bad on a crowdfunding site called BabyDot. Has anyone heard of this or found similar products they would recommend? I am thinking of pre-ordering some of these since I don't quite trust the existing methods for identifying spoiled breast milk, but I would like to know if anyone has found a similar product. Here is the link: http://start.ac/breast-milk-alert-storage-label

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    When in doubt, just smell the milk. If it has gone bad it will be obvious. Any sort of testing product is completely unnecessary. If you follow proper storage guidelines, then you don't need to worry about spoiling.


    If it is possible for you to exclusively nurse, then it won't be an issue anyway.
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    I have never had milk go bad unless I left it out in the heat for more than 12 hours. And I have used milk that was stored longer than the guidelines with no ill effects. So I think this is a product designed to take advantage of ignorance myself

    And if you nurse at the breast it is a moot point anyway
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    Default Re: Solution for identifying spoiled breast milk?

    Agree with phi. Smell or taste the milk. If it smells/tastes bad, then it is. If it tastes ok, it is ok. No need for any special products.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the baby to come!

    I am with the PPs- this is one of those products that is taking advantage of parental paranoia. Follow proper storage guidelines and when in doubt, smell or taste the milk before giving it to the baby, and you'll do just fine!

    We love it when first-time moms find the forum, because there are so many breastfeeding issues that can be headed off if a mom takes the time to educate herself and ask questions. So please do hang around and feel free to ask any question that crosses your mind!

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    It's hard for me to imagine any scenario in which these would really be all that useful. Anything I'm going to keep for over five days goes straight into the freezer, and those bags are pretty easy to date.

    For the fridge, the longest anything stays in there is over the weekend, since I always pump for the next day. And I don't even label those, I just have a system where I put everything in the fridge in a certain order. That plus a strict hands-off policy means everything gets used in the same order it goes in. And I smell/taste everything just to make sure (and yes! you will be able to tell quite easily).

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    The only thing I have to add is that I have seen and had some milk go bad on me before. Trust me. You'll KNOW if it's bad. It's pretty hardy stuff - amazingly so! Bad milk is just so, so, so, so bad. You don't need to buy a fancy gadget. You'll KNOW.

    A mom in one of my LLL groups told me that I should taste a small amount of milk when fresh so I knew what "OK" milk tasted like. That was good advice. I pumped at work for 9 months. I only had some milk go bad once. That was because one of the bottles fell in the bottom of my DD's daycare bag, and I found it two weeks later!

    Glad you are here!

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