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Thread: Pumping after nursing concerns

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    I am going back to work soon, and want to start working on my freezer stash. I've read that it is best to pump right after nursing to boost supply. My concern is this. My daughter usually nurses one side at a time, so if I pump both sides after nursing, will there be enough milk in the opposite breast in 2 hours for her next feeding? I'm worried she won't get enough milk. How long does it take for your body to produce the 2-3 oz that you've pumped out?

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Your body is always producing milk, so milk is always there. Plus your baby is far more effective than any pump at removing milk from the breast. She just might need to work a little harder to get it. However if she nurses 2 hours after pumping, I doubt she will even notice. My son has nursed 1 hour after pumping plenty of times and didn't seem to mind.
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