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Thread: Am I crazy? inducing lactation with a cleft palate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*96ucfgrad View Post
    That seems to conflict with what I have heard.... and I heard it from a doctor who's wife had induced lactation for their adopted children. He said that without drugs my body wouldn't produce colostrum, but as soon as the baby was suckling I would produce plenty of milk especially if I had "primped the pump" so to speak by pumping ahead of time and using herbs.
    This may be true for some women. However, for women who have never been pregnant, nursing, herbs, and pumping are not necessarily enough to induce lactation to the degree that they will produce "plenty" of milk. The master regulator of milk production is in the pituitary gland, not in any reproductive organ, which is why it is possible for adoptive moms to nurse and why relactation is possible. But it's the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy which prepare the breast for producing significant quantities of milk. That's why most protocols for inducing lactation include doses of "female" hormones, like estrogen.

    I did hear that there's another drug that might help, but I need to look into that.
    Oxytocin nasal spray, perhaps?

    ETA: this website goes over the conventional protocols for inducing lactation: http://www.asklenore.info/breastfeed...rotocols.shtml

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    Default Re: Am I crazy? inducing lactation with a cleft palate?

    Oh nevermind. Just looked up the "other drug." No thanks... too scary side effects.

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    It really concerns me that a physician would tell an adoptive mom that when she started suckling a baby, she would produce "plenty of milk'. In American moms, I've only heard of a few cases who produced plenty to do without supplementation, and those were moms who had abnormally high prolactin levels. Other than that, the only ones I've heard of who didxn't need to supplement had used domperidone. Now, if you define "plenty" as enough to provide definite health advantages, that I agree with, in almost all cases, but it sounds like the physician was speaking of plenty to do without supplementation of any kind. We adoptive moms need to be cautious, even more than others because the babies are not ours right away. In most cases, we have six months before we can finalize. Until then, if social workers decide that they don't think we are caring for the child properly, they can take the child away. There are some who think it is wonderful that we want to breastfeed and others who think we are in denial of reality and pretending we gave birth to the baby, or even that we are doing it to get some deviant sexual gratification. It is much better to err on the side of giving a baby a little more supplement than it really needs than to risk having the baby get jaundiced or be labeled failure to thrive. Once the baby has been documented as growing and developing normally, we can start trying to gradually reduce the amount of supplement.

    I assume the other drug you looked up was Reglan(metoclopramide). In the early 90s, I tried it and was in contact with many others who did, too. It did increase milk production, some, but the depression and anxiety it caused in most of us was definitely NOT worth it! I took it, and pumped, for half of the 10 weeks that I had spent fighting to get my fourth child, and first daughter, out of foster care. By the time she finally came home, she was going through grieving the loss of the foster mother she'd been with, who had been the first person who had shown her love. She rejected me. I was so depressed that I spent a week wanting to give her to someone else. After being off of the Reglan for a week, it started to subside and I was able to start winning her over, but that week really scared me. I have a friend who was on it for several months and it took her several more months. after she stopped taking it, to get back to being herself, again.

    It is better to use natural things, like oatmeal and herbs like fenugreek and fennel. I made tea with whole fenugreek and fennel seeds and sipped a quart of it throughout the day. The maple syrup smell didn't bother me, my husband, and my baby loved it!

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