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Thread: Still having extreme pain

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    Probably Nifedipine, for Raynaud's. Talk to your doc.

    Mama, it really bugs me that your LC didn't make the connection between the Raynaud's and the low supply issues and the pain, all of which suggest that your baby's latch is not what it should be. Pain means compression of the nipple, and compression of the nipple can cause/exacerbate the vasospasms and can reduce milk transfer, leading to low supply. So I would see another LC, preferably an IBCLC, and I would get my hands on a really good pump. If you're supplementing, ideally you should be doing it with your own milk. That will keep your supply where it should be, for the future when baby is better at nursing and doesn't need supplemental bottles.

    When you see the IBCLC, make sure you discuss the following:
    - Milk transfer (she should do a weigh-feed-weigh test at your visit)
    - Tongue tie (that could be causing all your issues)
    - Your pump- you want a very good pump with correctly sized shields, and the LC should observe you using it to make sure all is as it should be.

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    Well ladies thank you all so much for the advice, but it seems that my body has chosen for me. I have been supplimenting for the past few days since I have not been pumping enough for bottles. I have tried teas, medicine, herbs, and pumping extra amonts of time and still nothing. In the mornings I would get 6 oz and later on maybe 2, so I would add formula to my milk. For the past two days it has dwindled even more and this morning when I tried to pump after my daughter slept for 7 hours I only pumped 2 oz and since then I have gotten nothing out. I have had a hard time decideding to try and still nurse or to switch to formula, and as much as it pained me I prayed all day yesterday for God to either remove the pain and allow me to produce more milk, or give me a sign that I have done as much as I can. I guess this quick dry up was his answer, now to find a safe organic formula for my little love bug.
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    I am hoping you found supportive and sympathetic advice on these forums.
    I believe there are many different ways of being an excellent mother.
    you will always find women here who will assist you in your quest to answer the needs of your baby.
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    hello there. I have been following your posts and Im sorry you have had some challenges, and Im sorry I have no advice for you BUT I do want to say that I am encouraged by your dedication and commitment to do what is best for your baby- whatever it may be!!!

    I had some unintended interventions with this one as well, I had to make peace with it and forgive and move forward because just having this little miracle is a blessing. ALso, I noticed that your LO's birthday is the same as my new sweet Baby! So cool. It will be fun to keep up with milestones and such if you want. Although I have a little boy

    Best wishes and let us know if you found a safe organic formula? Interested to hear about that


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