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Thread: No sleep for 19 months!!!!!

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    My DD is almost 9 months and is also a ver poor sleeper. She's up 2-3 times per night, and naps od more than 1-2 hours TOTAL during the day are rare. She is up by 6:30am, and does not go to bed until 8:30-9pm every night. Days are long and nights can be longer. I too have suffered from the monster mommy thing at night, where when I hear her start, I just have to bite my tongue to stop from screaming!!! It can be very difficult to deal with the constant lack of sleep, especially when there's other children at home-I have a 6 year old son.
    I stopped co-sleeping about 2 months ago, and that did give me about a 5 hour stretch- this is after she wakes once within an hour of going down, and only needs gentle patting to go back down. I find that if I put her in my bed, she wakes more than if she's in her room in the crib.

    I also have no answers-I pray every day that "today" will be the day that she'll magically start napping consistantly and doing atleast a 7 hour stretch at night. I'll be counting the days till that happens, and when it finally does, I'm quite sure that I'll wake several times during the night wondering why she's not awake!!!!!

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    I'm going to cross-post this since there are some similar issues in two recent threads. Forgive the repetition!
    Nighttime issues are very common concerns. And there are many, many approaches to take. This is the Extended Breastfeeding forum and the age of the child is an important consideration when thinking about nighttime parenting. What works for one family may depend on parenting styles, the temperament of the child, and even the layout of the rooms in the house. Some choose to re-arrange where everyone sleeps. Some with older babies choose to place some limits on nighttime nursing. Some choose to wait it out until the child falls into longer sleeping patterns on his own.
    (In _Nighttime Parenting_ by Dr. Sears, the author discusses that babies sleep differently than adults and babies aren't designed to sleep through the night. In one study, it was shown that babies as old as 10 months received at least 25% of their mother's milk at night. So it is not unusual for a baby to want to nurse at night.)
    There is a collection of resources here at this sticky in the Sleep forum.
    Sleep Solutions
    These articles might be of interest, too.
    Setting Limits on Nighttime Nursing
    Why I Nurse My Toddler
    So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

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    Smile Re: No sleep for 19 months!!!!!

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who wrote a response to my posting. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. When I brought the issue up in my last LLL meeting, nobody had any experience with a child like mine, they all co-sleep and breastfeed and their babies do not wake excessively (they wake of course, just not excessively!). Most of the comments seemed more like what I was doing wrong, did I not let him wind down at the end of the day, was I drinking caffine, did I pay enough attention to him during the day, did I nurse hiim a lot during the day. Although I know they were only trying to help, it still made me feel like his night waking was my fault.

    After posting my email, I browsed through lots of old posting and found a couple that were right on point with mine. I feel so much better knowing other babies have the same issue, its not just mine.

    I found a link to Dr. Jay Gordon's method of a somewhat how to get a LO to sleep who likes to nurse all night. I began trying it on Tuesday (only a slighter gentler version), I am letting him nurse when he wakes and asks for it but I am talking to him and asking him if he is ready to roll over and have me pat his back and tell him a story, and he tells me no if hes not and he nurses a little longer, then I ask again, if he rolls over but starts to cry I do let him come back and we try it again, he is actually awake when he rolls over and he falls asleep not nursing (a complete miracle!). I think it helps that he is decided to let go, not me taking it away. Its working quite well (so far ) When he went to sleep the second night, he slept for 3 hours to begin with but then every hour after that. Last night he only woke me 5 times (can you beleive it!!!) And this morning after he woke he fell back to sleep after nursing and he tossed and turned in his sleep for about 30 minutes, but he never woke up fully, ususally I would have been woken up every single time. That was pretty amazing, I just watched him and was totally amazed he did not wake.

    I feel like I'm on the right path, even if it only helps take away 1/2 of the wakings it will be well worth it.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So Sorry so sorry so sorry...i think all mothers go thru this phase..where its an emotional rollercoaster...well i have a 9 months old..and when she was around 4 months i started putting her in her crib at night and left her alone..she cried for real long the first two nights..and then she started soothing herslef to sleep...bu sucking her thumb...so now she sleeps by herself..i dont know if u have tried this out but one night u and ur husband should just decide to levae ur baby in his crib and let him cry it out...it worked for me..if he cries for real long..whatever happens dont pick him..go to his crub and pat him to sleep he might still cry..just give hima kiss on his forehead to let him know that ur not abandoning him...and he will finally get tired of crying and fall off to sleep..the first few days will be real difficult for u..and u will feel like a horrible person...but it really helped for me..try it out...good luck and again you are not the only one!!

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