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Thread: This is driving me nuts

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    Default This is driving me nuts

    OK so DD will still only nurse while asleep. This was going OK for a while, we had our little thing going. But it seems like my OS has regulated now (I'm no longer full, breasts are softer, etc., which I know is all normal) and I think because of that she has to work a little harder to get the milk (when I had OS it literally just shot in her mouth and she was stuffed after just a few minutes - one breast at a time). So, she will just nurse (when sleeping) until the milk stops flowing, then stops. It seriously seems like she nurses for about 1 minute on each breast. Then she goes back to sleep. She will NOT nurse when awake. How can she possibly be getting enough? It's driving me crazy. We have done a few pumped bottles per day as I'll be going back to work next week, so I know she's at least getting what is in those (note that sometimes she will only take a bottle when sleepy, too. Sometimes when awake).

    We're traveling this week and I'm trying to hang in there since I know that once I go back to work our routines will change anyways. I kind of miss that OS since I knew she was getting lots of milk. I've been pretty stressed out with all our travels so perhaps my supply has taken a bit of a hit, but I can pump about 3 or 4 ounces per pumping session if I go about 3 hours between pumping.

    Sorry I'm all over the place but this all just feels crazy. Why won't she just nurse when awake?
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    No real answers on the "why" part...but as far as her only nursing on 1 minute per side and wanting to sleep....sometimes when I'm dreamfeeding my LO and she is wanting to do more sleeping vs. nursing, I'll tickle her ear, rub her back, wiggle the breast, etc. all the little things you do when you are feeding a sleepy newborn. It doesn't happen very often, but when she has done a good job emptying the breast and is starting to flutter suck/comfort nurse, I'll try doing some breast compressions (only if I think she'll tolerate the flow and won't get upset...if she does get upset, I'll just let her comfort nurse). Maybe some breast compressions will help keep her interested after the initial flow slows down after that first minute or so.

    Hopefully others can chime in with some more insight mama!

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    Perhaps try to figure out what's going on as to why she will only nurse while sleeping because if she's about 3 months old then she's about to start waking up more soon and needing to nurse more when she's awake. I don't have suggestions on how to do that, but that's a bigger concern IMO for you right now.

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    Default Re: This is driving me nuts

    no real answers i would just watch her behavior & output pretty carefully while you're traveling and everything, as you're right that it's all going to change again when you go back to work.

    just want to throw out there that in the long run, you'll get more milk if you pump more often - it's not like your body stores up the milk so you have to wait a long time before pumping. of course you might want to wait 3 hours so you don't aggravate the OS.
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