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Thread: 5 week old feeding question

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    I have a five week old son I am breastfeeding. He has a lot of gas and acts like his tummy hurts a lot. I have done all the diet changes suggested by my lactation consultant, and that hasn't helped. However, I don't think that is the problem. I think I am producing too much and flow too fast for him to handle. Is this strange? He eats in 5-10 minutes and never wants to eat more than every 2-3 hours. He fights me when he is full and purses his lips. I can easily pump 4-5oz off of each breast and get engorged quite often. Is it okay at this age for him to eat quickly and rarely? I know pumping can increase the amount of milk I am making, but sometimes I just have to do it for relief. Is that okay?

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    It does sound like you have an oversupply and overdrive letdown. Try nursing laying back and don't pump. Pumping worsens overactive letdown and oversupply. Instead, try hand expressing a but for comfort, and if you can stand it, jus leave it alone and nurse on demand as that will even your supply out.

    Both can cause gassy babies and lead to discomfort.
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    I had really terrible overactive letdown, and mine nursed for very short periods (down to just a few minutes after awhile) on one breast. As long as weight gain and diaper output are good, then he is getting enough.

    Try nursing in a reclined position (also called laid back or biological nursing). Gravity helps slow the flow of the milk. You may need to tweak the position quite a bit to find something that works for you. You can also block feed to help with some of the gas and reduce supply. I would start out small (use the same breast for 2-3 hours), give it several days, and extend the block length if needed. Cold compresses worked great for me to ease the pain from engorgement. Cabbage leaves are supposed to help too. Hand expression is better than pumping. Only express enough to relieve the pain.

    I needed to give a tummy massage then bicycle my son's legs between every feeding to work out gas incrementally. A warm bath every night followed by more leg bicycling helped too.

    It get's better. It really does. Your supply will regulate and your baby will be ble to better handle the flow as he grows.

    ETA - i.e. What aprilsmagic said.
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