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Thread: Help! Baby gets "fierce" on breast at times

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    Default Help! Baby gets "fierce" on breast at times

    Hi, I'm brand new to the forum so sorry for posting with such a weird one from the start.

    My little Brian is now 12 weeks old and breast feeding has been going really well...with the exception of one notable problem of late: he's been doing what I call "feircing out" on my breast sometimes (usually in the daytime). He'll get latched fine then a few minutes in will start to strain his body, sometimes shake his head, and pop on and off the nipple. Gets rather painful to me and seems like it would be unproductive drinking-wise for Brian. I get the impression that he does it when he's straining to push out gas at the other end while milk's going in from the top.

    Any one else ever had this happen? Do I just have to wait for him to grow out of this or can you share any tips regarding what I could do to help him out and/or resolve the problem? I'd be really grateful!

    Thanks for listening,


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    Default Re: Help! Baby gets "fierce" on breast at times

    yup, 3 weeks old little tigger, twists nipple like it was a pop off, when having a bm.

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    Default Re: Help! Baby gets "fierce" on breast at times

    Hi Jen, yes, my babies have done that, as well. My current baby (9 months) tends to be more gassy and she will burp or toot while breastfeeding. Sometimes she gets uncomfortable and squirms while doing it. While I don't like to unlatch her if she's not ready, I have done it to pat her back and burp her while this is happening.

    I wonder how your son is doing now. Is it still happening? Does he seem to have any other issues?

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