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Thread: bottle refusal has me so stressed

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    Default bottle refusal has me so stressed

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm the mom to a 4 month baby girl. We have been trying for over two months to gently get her to take the bottle. I tried making it fun, different positions, doing it myself, having hubby do it, and many nipples and bottles. The lactation consultant said to offer her the bottle and then if she refused give her the breast and she'd come around in a few days. 2 months later she was still not taking it. I am going back to work soon and the last thing I wanted was for her to have this first experience of no breast all day at the same time as being with a caregiver who she's not that familiar with.

    So today I went out of the house leaving the baby with my husband and a supply of pumped milk. I was gone 7 hours and she cried most of those hours with husband doing everything he could to console her and also offering the bottle. By the end of the day she'd only had one ounce. Then I came back and breast fed her because despite pumping I felt engorged and have had mastitis in the past so don't want a repeat.

    Breastfeeding has been going great, but this has me so incredibly upset. I hate the idea that my going back to work is going to be traumatic in so many ways for her. I can't imagine how terrible it will be with a newish person if it was that hard with hubby who is awesome usually at consoling her. What else can I do?? Do I need to keep doing this?

    The doctor said she could start tasting solids but I know this won't be a big part of her diet for a long time.

    Any advice?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: bottle refusal has me so stressed

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    Default Re: bottle refusal has me so stressed

    At this age a sippy cup may work very well. Or a regular cup if your caregiver is patient and willing to learn how. Also share with your caregiver the ideas here, many can be used even if baby is using a sippy and not a bottle. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    Are you using fresh or frozen milk? You may just want to smell or taste your milk after freezing, if it has a pronounced soapy odor or taste you may have an excess lipase issue. This does not hurt baby at all, the milk is perfectly safe, but some babies object.
    The back to work transition IS stressful for mom and baby. This is normal, but once you both have adjusted to your new routine you both will probably feel better. Try not to worry so much about a baby taking a bottle. This is a common concern but truly I have never heard of a mom needing to quit her job due to her baby not taking a bottle. It may take a few days but everyone always seems to figure this out.

    Ps I would hold off on any solids, unless your child is showing all the signs of being ready very early. The AAP currently suggests no solids until 6 months. And yes, even then you want solids to be for fun and tasting for many months, not replacing breastmilk. It can be challenging for some moms to maintain a good supply after the return to work, and too much solid food too early can also negatively impact milk supply.
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    Default Re: bottle refusal has me so stressed

    Hi, thanks for your response.

    I have tried a regular cup and had a little more success than I do with the bottle. I still need to try the sippy because so much milk gets spilled with the regular cup. It's hard to tell how much she is getting.

    I tried introducing solids and she kept opening her mouth for more. I know she is younger than most babies who begin solids. Should I go with her cues? She is 4 1/2 months, 17 lbs.

    I also am reading the lipase threads now too because I definitely have a problem with this.


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