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Thread: One let down per feeding - normal?

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    Default One let down per feeding - normal?

    Hey ladies,
    So I use to get about 3 let downs and now I'm only getting one.
    I definitely feel the first one but I do watch her whilst feeding and after that let down she goes back to the fast sucks and never does the let down sucks again, only if she starts comfort feeding do I get more - and generally about 3 in half an hour but when she's actively sucking I only get one - does this sound right?

    I have another question about comfort feeding but will ask that after this one!
    Lots of questions today - thanks!

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    Default Re: One let down per feeding - normal?

    I have only ever felt one letdown, and I had a very intense letdown sensation). When I have pumped I have gotten multiple letdowns, but I only feel the first. I don't know what happen when my son nurses (I've only felt one letdown and I don't really feel that anymore, plus my son's sucking pattern never looked the way they tell you it should), but he has thrived on his milk.

    As long as weight gain and diapers are good, then there is nothing to worry about.
    K. Sophia - Mama to my little lactivore, the amazing Mr. X (11/10).

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    Default Re: One let down per feeding - normal?

    Good diapers + good weight gain = no worries!

    IIRC, you had some degree of oversupply when you started out...? If so, it may be that your body is adjusting to produce the right amount of milk. Often when that adjustment takes place, moms notice a decrease in things like letdown sensation, engorgement or fullness, leaking, etc.

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