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Thread: irregular stools

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    Lightbulb irregular stools

    Hello ladies!
    I'am aware that EBF babies don't have stools.as often as a formula fed baby but my son is 13 1/2 months now and will go 1-2 a week! He's obviously on table foods and drinks tons of water. He only nurses about 2-3 times...is this even normal?

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    What is his stool like when he does go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jenna562 View Post
    What is his stool like when he does go?
    Is it soft, or is it hard enough to roll right off the diaper if you picked it up? And how does your LO act when he does go- is he mellow about it, or does he seem to be in discomfort? You might see him turn red, strain, cry, or even walk around the house with butt cheeks clenched while he tries to hold it in.

    In general, older babies who are eating solids and not nursing much should probably be pooping at least every other day. I'd discuss the infrequent poops with your pediatrician. It might help to make a "poop journal"- it can be difficult to remember whether your LO's last poop was 3 days ago or 4... or was it 5?

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