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    Last Friday I went in for surprise surgery to have kidney stones removed. The anesetheologist told me to pump and dump for 24 hrs... since the surgery I have had to go back into the hosptial 2x and leave my dd with formula and frozen bm. Each time by the time I got out of the hosptial I was fill and I had to pump and dump. Because of mes they gave me. She is 10 weeks old now and she is eating like crazy. Her wet and Polly diapers are fine, but she seems so cranky after eating like she isn't getting enough. Before she would nurse till she fell asleep and be fine. Now she only nurses 5minutes at max and then acts like she isn't getting enough so I switch. Should I be worried? She used to nurse for 10-15nmjns per breast, and now its litterally 5 minutes..... I know the one med I had to take said could cause lacatikn suppression but I haven't taken it sincenmonday and ive been nursing her ever since whenever she is hungry even if its only been 2hrs.....

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    Keep switching. If your supply is low, the only way to bring it up is to nurse some babies get annoyed that they have to work for milk after the ease of bottlefeeding, so it might take sme time to overcome that preference...and keep switching.

    As long as her wets and poops and weight are fine, don't worry about it.

    And don't watch the clock. If she wants to eat every hour, oh well.
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    with the PP. Just switch her back and forth, watch the diapers, and give yourself time to get nursing back on track. As long as you're willing to forgo supplementing, you should have things back on track in no time.

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