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Thread: Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

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    Default Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

    My son (nearly 5) and daughter (nearly 3) sleep with us in a huge bed ....... my son is night weaned but really doesn't get why he will wean in the future .... i have told him breastfeeding will be difficult when his teeth fall out and that his mouth will change shape ..... he really doesn't understand. I can see how others weaned their children by getting daddy to get them to sleep but mine wouldn't understand why that should change after so many years!! and the morning wake up cuddles and boob are their ritual!!!

    so what i really don't get is that 'many people say they will wean naturally' .... but i have yet to hear a story of someone who just let it happen at such a late age ..... There has been a weaning process of some sort .....

    many thanks


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    Default Re: Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

    I would like to know the same thing! I am still night nursing and cosleeping with my 3. yr old and this morning I had an emotional breakdown because he woke up crying for nuns but I was trying to get the baby back to sleep so I couldn't and so both are them woke up.. too early. I was ready to be done because I know he is no where near being done, if I knew he was growing up and not needing as much I would be ore patient but he is constantly asking for it and sometimes won't eat food!

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    Default Re: Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

    My son weaned on his own while we co-slept. I think every kid is so different that it's hard to say what factors affect weaning, ya know?

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    until he self-weaned 4 days before his third birthday ... still on occasion ... and happily

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    Default Re: Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

    They won't be nursing when they're 20, I guarantee. As long as things are OK with you, I say, just let nature take it's course.
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    Default Re: Is natural weaning possible if you co sleep?

    Even Natural weaning can be mother nudged. I nursed my son until he 4.5 year old. And I did put him in a separate sleep space and we had a weaning party when he was done. And we starting talking about him being too big and not needing it AND that I would come back and put him to sleep when he was done weaning. He understood that just fine. And now he's 6 and we still co-sleep. Though I am trying to nudge that along as well. Ultimately, if the child is allowed to make the decision, and you don't actually make it for them, even with gentle encouragement on your part I think it still counts as natural weanning. Because nursing is a relationship between the two of you and having your feelings voiced and heard is NATURAL in any loving relationship.

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