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    DS is 4 months old and we've had ups and downs with his poo. A little background: I've been dairy, egg and soy free since he was a month and a half old. We started to see an improvement and things were looking good again. We saw a gastro for a few reasons and he said to use probiotics and that he would outgrow what was going on. So we did that. Then just recently he broke out in an eczema rash. We have it under control but we're going to see an allergy doctor next Wednesday to find out what's going on. We're wondering if he has an intolerance to more than just dairy, eggs and soy. Our pedi was concerned about how fast the eczema was spreading and wants to find out what's causing it. It literally just popped up over night.
    Now for the past... I don't know... few days his stools are straight liquid. Nothing like they've been before. We CD and use sposies at night and every time he poos it's so liquidy that it instantly soaks into the diaper. He just went so I quickly changed him to look at it and it looks as though he is pooping out water that's yellow; that liquidy (I don't know if that's a word but we're going to go with it!) It's kind of hard to explain but I don't know if it warrants a call to the pedi or not? He is EBF by the way and having lots of wet diapers per day so I know he isn't dehydrated or anything.

    As always, thank you~

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    Mama, I'm sorry that this got missed. Has anything changed since you posted?

    Usually an abrupt change to liquid stools is an indicator of infection- a tummy bug or something like that.

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    How are things now?
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