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Thread: Not pumping enough for 10 month old

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    Default Not pumping enough for 10 month old

    I have a 10mo little girl who is breastfed while I am home and has two bottles while I am at work. Two weeks ago, I switched jobs and went from using a hospital grade Medela Symphony pump provided by workplace to using my Medela pump in style. I have noticed a HUGE decrease in milk supply and now have only 5 oz of frozen milk.

    I am pumping 3x a day now and get a total of 6oz! At my old job, I was pumping 3x a day getting 15 oz. Is there something wrong with the pump? Is there anything I can do to maximize milk production? I went from a nice quiet private room to pumping in the car a few days. I finally broke down and asked facilities for an empty room I can use and they found me one. Since then I have seen a small (very small) increase in supply. I am desperately trying to take my daughter to 1 year with only breastmilk, but think I will have to pick up formula this weekend just in case.

    Any advice would be helpful!

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    Default Re: Not pumping enough for 10 month old

    I remember that I took a dip around that time as well and that was with using a symphony the whole time.

    If you think it was the pump that caused your drop, could you rent a symphony? I know it would be huge to carry around, but it would only be for 2 more months. Also, can you fit in any extra pumping sessions? Before you leave for work, driving while on your way to work, at night after the baby goes to bed, or if your baby is sleeping through the night, could you get up once at like 1am for an extra session?

    People will have more suggestions but these are just the first ones that pop into my head.
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    Default Re: Not pumping enough for 10 month old

    I'd guess that the reduction in output is due to using a PISA instead of a Symphony- there tends to be a big difference in effectiveness between consumer pumps and hospital grade pumps. The PP gave good advice for coping with the problem. I'd either rent a hospital grade pump or I'd just suck it up and pump as many extra sessions as are necessary to make up the shortfall. Sorry! I hate to suggest that a hardworking mama work even harder!

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    could there be something wrong with the pump? I was done fine last week and then this week, I am getting barely any milk unless I do compressions. I get like 1.2oz and then have to do compressions to get milk to come out. the suction seems fine, I just replaced the membranes and snipped the tubing... any of the other parts could be causing problems??

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    There is a HUGE difference between a Symphony and a PISA. And there is also a natural dip at 9-10 months. Switching and this has probably gotten you. Have the PISA checked out, but maybe try renting a Symphony for a week or two to rebuild your supply.
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