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Thread: Can you take Vitamin C whilst breastfeeding?

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    Default Can you take Vitamin C whilst breastfeeding?

    I just got some chewable vitamin C but just read that it says to consult physician before taking if pregnant or nursing.

    I've been taking vitamin C all pregnancy - whoops.

    Is it ok to take - does anyone know?
    It's chewable so isn't just ascorbic acid it has some other ingredients in it that I havn't heard of...

    I am happy to phone the pedi tomorrow but just thought I'd ask here cause I'm sure someone has asked this already x

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    Default Re: Can you take Vitamin C whilst breastfeeding?

    It's fine. Most of those warnings are just boilerplate.

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    Default Re: Can you take Vitamin C whilst breastfeeding?

    Vitamin C should be fine.

    From KellyMom:

    Water soluble vitamin supplements (e.g., B vitamins, vitamin C) taken by the mother usually increase breastmilk levels. Breastmilk levels of some water soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, only increase up to a certain point, then remain steady – even if mom increases her dose.
    It is best to stick to the recommended dosage, though.

    From the infantrisk webforum:

    The recommended daily allowance (RDA) dose of vitamin C is 45 to 60 mg daily. Dr. Hale does not recommend taking more than the RDA amount of Vitamin C during breastfeeding. Some vitamins may cause toxicity at high levels.
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