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    I'm kind of stuck with a situation that I'm hoping maybe someone can give me some advice (not a book) on what to do. I've started weaning my son about a month ago. He's almost 14 months, this is something I really want to do at this point. He eats great durring the day and at dinner time, has no problem taking a sippy cup, he basically seems to be ready as well. Of course if he sees my breast he wants to nurse, but is very easily distracted and often stops after a few short minutes. Well what my problem really is, is I'm becomming so incredibly engorged. It's so painfull, I'm leaking all over the place, and I always end up waking up my son just so I feel better. I feel like I'm creating a visious circle. What can I do that will help minimise the pain and engorment and not keep stimulating me to let down as start all over after a few hours. I've cut down to 1 nursing at night, and he's gone to bed for the last 4 nights without nursing, so yes.. I'm happy, but in a great deal of pain. Dose the cabbage thing really work? If I hand express just a little will it make it just as bad for me later on? Or do I just suffer with this pain?

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    You don't want to just suffer through the pain because engorgement can lead to mastitis. Some women just take longer to adjust to a decrease in stimulation and so have to go more gradually when cutting back nursing. When you are feeling engorged, it is ok to hand express or pump a bit to relieve the fullness. Only express enough milk to feel comfortable though, without emptying the whole breast. When there is milk left in the breast, that signals the body to make less. It may take awhile, though. Yes, cabbage leaves are also helpful.

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    I agree with the pp. A little bit of pumping is OK, to relieve engorgement. Have you tried systematically dropping feedings, one at a time, a week apart? It helps tremendously with the gradual slowing down of milk production. If you don't want to go back to the feeding thing, just to wean (I can understand!), then you could use the pump to "ease" things. Might have you lactating a little beyond when you've weaned your lo, but would make you a heck of a lot more comfortable.

    Good luck!


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