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Thread: Nursing 7 week old every 2.5 to 3 hours seems impossible!

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    ok, so reading these post gives me a bit of relief, feedings become short as they get older? I have a 2 month old daughter who eats for about 40 minuets, she also sleeps for about 6 hours at night and eats about every two hours during the day. In my mind I see her eating like this until I am done, which I plan will be when she turns 1, which means I only get maybe an hour inbetween. It makes me feel better that she will start eating "better"
    I'd say pretty much every baby is different. I'm almost afraid to say my oldest was a little schedule queen, dropping into a fairly regular pattern by about 3 months (and she still needs more structure, lots of notice before things change, etc.). Then came #2 who still just goes with the flow.
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    Default Re: Nursing 7 week old every 2.5 to 3 hours seems impossible

    Pediatricians drive me nuts.

    #1 You are there to have them look at your BABY, not you.
    #2 Advice to space out feedings in a breast fed baby are for YOU, not for your baby.
    #3 That advice is based on the (mislead and incorrect) idea that it will make things easier for YOU, if you space them out more.
    #4 The reality is that trying to space out feedings in such a young baby is MORE work and MORE stressful than simply nursing on demand. NOT feeding is MORE work than simply feeding and having a content baby.

    If you're getting a 6 hour stretch at night, that's a very long time for a newborn. So it makes sense that they're making up for that time during the day. It's only human nature to want what you want, but you pretty much have to accept what you get. More nursings at night may spread out your feedings during the day, but then we'd complain about wanting more sleep at night.

    As your baby grows, gets through growth spurts and builds up more reserves, the feedings will slowly space out. It will be gradual, just like their age / growth is. Until one day you'll think "Hey! That was 4 hours!" It will change, on your baby's own personal developmental schedule. And then it will change again. The best advice we all have is to roll with it, don't fight it, you'll both be much happier.
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