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Thread: hormones and breastfeeding.

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    Post hormones and breastfeeding.

    My daughter is currently 9 months old. Since she turned 6 months old I have been very nausous. To make a long story short I ended up having my gallbladder removed which was hopefully going to solve the problem as i had gallstones. That was 3.5 weeks ago and the nausea is ten times worse than it was prior to surgery. Im nauseated all day. So miserable I spend most of the day on the couch. Have zofran from the dr which takes the edge off to make itmanagable but it doesnt go away completely. They are running a million other tests to look for medical causes but im conviced it is hormone related. I feel like i feel the first trimester of pregnancy minus the pregnancy. I am unable to be on any form of birth control pills because it makes me feel this same way. So nauseated that i can barely function. Because my nausea has always been linked to hormones I believe that it is now too (even though drs feel otherwise). I feel as though it may be linked to the hormones with breasfeeding. I just cant come up with an answer as to why it would start when she was 6 months and not from the very beginning. I did nurse my other 2 daughters until they were 6months old without problems but stopped at six months due to other reasons so i have never made it this far breastfeeding. Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Although obviously I am not a doctor, I have experienced similar things. The worst was with my first child. I had it a bit with the second, and recently, have started feeling it somewhat with my 3rd. With my first, I thought maybe I really was pregnant because the nausea was so bad. I, too, think its hormonal. When I went to the doctor with my first, they couldn't help me, or figure it out. It eventually went away on its own, then came back, then went away for good.

    I noticed that it started around the same time I was about to start my period. Same each time. I'd feel that nausea and stuff for a few months and then get my period back (being back for the first time post partum).

    I have a friend who also feels super nauseated from hormones, and recently just figured this out.

    I don't however know what to do about it, I wish I did. I just had to get through it last time. So far this time it hasn't been as bad but its there sometimes. Before it was really bad so I know it must be hard for you.

    Perhaps as the hormones even out it will get better...just take time...

    I started another thread about this in the post partum section that is a bit different situation but one response was to look into progesterone cream. You could look into that perhaps, I might.
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    i just found thislink and thought it might help a little. i have heard of other moms having nausea. i'm sorry to hear it, that really must be tough.

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