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Thread: Milk drying up

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    As Joe got older, I didn't feel strong let downs anymore, I didn't hear him swallowing a ton, it was common for him to wake up with a dry diaper (but often pee shortly after waking) ... but he still wanted to nurse all night and was clearly getting a lot of comfort, if not tons of milk, from the experience. So I would just play it by ear. You may have more milk than you realize, and nursing may still be really important to your child.

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    You don't have to give up nursing your son. My son went on to nurse before bed for 3 months. I never felt full either, but I knew he always got something. You don't have to give it up completely. Just something to think about
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    Thanks for all the replies. It is very interesting and useful to know it is normal not to feel a strong let down, that toddlers nurse for just 2-3 minutes, that most mums never feel "full" anymore etc.

    How are things for you mamalump?

    Here the good news is my daughter's sudden lack of interest and my limited supply seems to have been directly linked to...my period! Since it had never before influenced my suplpy or her drinking I hand't made the link, but as soon as it was over she was drinking lots more and I had more milk.

    Mamalump, what did help during those days is that I started using the compression technique (I think that's what it's called?). The main problem here was there was less milk and she was having to suck longer for it to come, and so was giving up. I started holding my breast tightly as soon as she started sucking and this speeded up the process, so she stopt giving up so quickly. I also bought goat rue tea and fenugreek tea which might have helped too.

    Good luck!!!

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