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Thread: Is this caused by overactive letdown?

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    Default Is this caused by overactive letdown?


    I've got a problem with oversupply and overactive letdown. My baby coughs at the breast and spits up a lot.

    I took her to the doctors about the coughing and he said that its nothing to worry about.

    However today she has had two bouts of coughing fits, coughing much worse than before. It occurred after feeding and when she was coughing I burped her. Both times she produced a lot of spitup and stopped coughing.

    Should I take her in or is this the same problem as before, caused by the overactive letdown?

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    Default Re: Is this caused by overactive letdown?

    That definitely sounds like overactive letdown. Try nursing in a reclined position. That is the only thing that worked for me. You can also try unlatching the baby at letdown and letting the milk spray into a towel, then relatching the baby. My son had no patience for that, but I've heard that it works for some women.
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