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Thread: Too much milk only at night

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    I have 10-week old who during the daytime eats every 3.5 hours. However at night he sleeps for 7-8. When he gets up to eat in the wee hours of morning I have filled up my Lily Padz and soaked through backup nursing pads as well as my bra and usually shirt. I would really like to sleep 7 hours along with him and not have to wake up to pump while he sleeps, but I hate this nightime oversupply and waking up wet. It's as if my breasts need to be alerted to skip a feeding while we're both sleeping. Can I trick my body to skip a feeding at night so I'm not so full when we wake up? Thanks for your thoughts...

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    You can't trick your body, but you can train it. As long as you avoid the pump and put up with the overnight fullness, your body will eventually get the message that it needs to reduce our nighttime supply because that milk is just sitting in the breast. It may take several nights before your internal clock gets the message. If you are full to the point of extreme discomfort, I suggest hand expressing the minimum necessary to restore comfort and allow you to go back to sleep. That will allow your supply to decrease, albeit a little slower than if you simply put up with the fullness. You could also wake the baby to take the edge off the fullness- 7-8 hours is a long stretch for a 10 week old baby, and it wouldn't hurt him to nurse him during the wee hours.

    Another thing to watch for at this point is the return of your fertility. Once a baby is routinely going 6 or more hours without nursing, there is a good chance your menstrual cycle will return. And if you have been relying on breastfeeding as contraception up until now, this is the time to choose some sort of backup method unless you're okay with the idea of getting pregnant again right now.

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