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Thread: Cracked Nipple... HELP...

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    my right nipple has cracked. i have continued to nurse through the pain.. sometimes it is worse than others. i've been told her latch is good. I have noticed at night she nurses more often. usually at night i feel pain that seems to go through my nipple after nursing. i haven't not felt any bumps, but my breast does seem to get sore on the right side. What can I do to heal this crack? which will hopefully stop the sharp pains I get when feedings are more active. sometimes it hurts the whole time she is nursing. other times it only hurts when she first latched on. HElP

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    This article covers some ways to help with healing of a cracked nipple: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplehealing/

    Besides a good purified lanolin cream, or just expressed breastmilk, Some moms find coconut oil helpful, you probably want to make sure it is pure and organic. To ward off infection, You could also consider putting a scant amount of an otc antibiotic ointment on right after nursing, or you could look into getting a prescription for APNO. http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17

    If it hurts to nurse baby and your nipple is getting injured, obviously the latch is not "good." What a latch looks like to a third party can be helpful in diagnosing an issue but it cannot be said a painful latch is good. How can it be good if it hurts? Try varying your nursing positon and keep working on the latch.

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