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Thread: Reintroducing Dairy

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    Question Reintroducing Dairy

    My DD has a dairy protein allergy. She is 3 1/2 months old. I haven't eaten any dairy products in the past 8 weeks and she's doing good! All blood has cleared from her stool and temperament is great!
    Her ped suggested giving up dairy for a few months and when things clear up to start reintroducing it in to my diet again. Has anyone else ever done this??
    I'm so scared to reintroduce it and have her totally back track and get sick again.... but if she's growing out of the allergy I'd also like to know since it's a pain to cut out dairy and try to supplement with other things to get certain vitamins. Plus.... I MISS CHEESE! and icecream!!

    Any suggestions or comments??
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    My DS has a dairy intolerance as well and my pedi said to wait until 6 months. Apparently that's the age where they "outgrow" it? I'm on a no dairy, egg or soy diet and I feel your pain. I'm a cheese fiend and have been dairy free since he was a month and half old (he's 4 months now).

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    Default Re: Reintroducing Dairy

    Nothing to add except commiseration. I miss cheese so much! Recently though I accidentally ate something with "hidden dairy," personally I think it was mislabeled. But anyway my poor 5 month old had bloody poop for a few days. It takes so long to get out of your system that anytime she was upset for a few weeks I would think, "Oh, maybe it's the milk." I am glad you asked this question because I too wonder about when to try and how to go about it.

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