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Thread: Sucking Fingers/ Hand

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    If your husband thinks that is unhygienic he would have a fit watching my son try and chew on my dog's ear. There's just no keeping the two of them apart though, so the second my back is turned the dog's ear, or lip, or nose goes straight in his mouth.
    I think your little one just likes her hands. The mouth is really your baby's most developed sense organ at this age and she's just trying to learn all there is to learn about her hands.

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    wow, thank you all ladies for your replies.
    LOL on the baby chewing dog's ears and the baby picking up cat poo....
    I have shown your responses to DH (as proof) and looks like he's changed him mind about it and now happily allows her to suck her hand away...

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    that's what we're here for!

    one's standards seriously change. our first week with DS, DH washed his hands with soap after every single pee diaper. HAHAHA. didn't last long
    DS1 6/7/11
    DS2 10/29/13

    Nursing, pumping, cloth-diapering, babywearing, working professor mama with the awesomest SAHD ever.

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