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Thread: Foamy or bubbley milk

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    Has anyone ever had foamy or bubbley milk just from one side?? Coloring and smell is normal. I don't have any pain, fever or cloggs either.
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    Default Re: Foamy or bubbley milk

    Do you mean when you pump? The milk is probably streaming faster on one side than the other causing bubbles to form in the bottle. I got bubbles forming in my milk when I pumped sometimes. I wouldn't call it foamy, but definitely a little bubbly.
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    I don't know about breastmilk from one side or the other (Phi's explanation makes sense to me) but I do know that one mom’s milk can look very different from another's and it's fine. Basically, barring a mom’s ingestion of a dangerous drug, if it comes out of the breasts it's OK, even if you DID have an infection the milk would still usually be safe for baby.

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