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Thread: Ouch!! :-(

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    Hi ladies!
    So just the other day I was praising myself for hanging in there and working on overcoming every challenge that stood in my way! Ive been bf for over 4 months! I adjusted well with pumping @ work. Everyone here was right! He did get bigger! His mouth got bigger! He's still a pretty fast nurser! And up until the day before yesterday there was no discomfort other than a little tiny bit annoying thing he does lol(pulling off looking around getting back on pulling off kicking me) this new discomfort is actually painful. I was surprised because our latch has been awesome and no matter how i tried correcting it it was a very painful pinch on my left nipple. So last night I noticed a little white dot on my nipple that didt go away. Painful nursing on that side. I looked at it again this morning after feeding and its still there. Just a little white dot. Ouch!! Could this be a milk blister?? And if so, whats the fastest way to heal it?
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    Sounds like a bleb. I use a sterilized needle to open them up. It hurts, but relief follows soon after.
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    I let the very warm, nearly hot water from the shower soften/open my nipple blister and I did eventually pick it open by rolling the blisters hardened center. It sounds gross, but I had relief when it was open and gone.
    I think the sterilized pin is probably the smarter way to do it.
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