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Thread: First case of thrush at 15 mos.?

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    Default First case of thrush at 15 mos.?

    Y'all. Seriously. This sucks. DS is 15 months old, and we've never had thrush... until now.

    I'm hoping it's not thrush, but it sure seems like it.

    Here's why I think it's early thrush:
    *Itchy nipple and breast
    *Gentle burn along the side of that breast
    *I've been eating sugar and carbs at a particularly high level the past two weeks. (Don't judge, but I may have eaten an entire Betty Crocker cake in 6 days.)
    *It's really hot where I live.
    *I've gotten lazy -- I stopped wearing breast pads and I've gotten lax about washing my nursing tanks and bras.
    *I'm on my period right now (day 2), which can bring altered levels of everything, right?

    Here's why it might not be thrush:
    *It's only on one side (so far).
    *No visible symptoms in DS.
    *He twiddles a lot and might have scratched me, though I can't see it.
    *He seems to always be teething, so maybe he nicked me during an acrobatic session.

    I'm doing the vinegar and water rinse/soak, and I'm about to wash all of my nursing tops with a cup of vinegar added to the wash. I'm completely intimidated by all the other ways to get rid of thrush.

    If this were you, what would you do?

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    Default Re: First case of thrush at 15 mos.?

    I would continue with what you're doing, and wait. If you see additional or worsening symptoms, then I'd move on to the treatment phase.

    Based on your description, I'm thinking thrush is a possibility but not a certainty. You don't seem to be in pain, and that to me would tip this over from something mildly suspicious to wan actual problem.

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    Default Re: First case of thrush at 15 mos.?

    when i suspect thrush may be starting, tingling, uncomfortable feeling, i start wiping my breast with vinegar before and after nursing, try to stay on top of it and usually that feeling goes away in a few days.

    just stay on top of it for a few days.

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    Default Re: First case of thrush at 15 mos.?

    Thanks so much, you two. It's great to have reasonable advice - so many sites are addressing early thrush cases and therefore recommend all the really intense solutions.

    I'm continuing this regimen and will probably try some homemade all purpose nipple ointment too, for good measure. My breasts are now a little sore, so I figure it doesn't hurt to be proactive.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: First case of thrush at 15 mos.?

    I was always super paranoid about thrush. Make sure you eat yogurt and feed baby yogurt and probiotics too. My LC said that it is no longer indicated to treat baby unless there are visible signs. Good luck!!!!

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