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Thread: Extended BF info wanted, please!

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    Default Extended BF info wanted, please!

    So I have absolutely no idea about extended BF I am going to nurse my daughter for the first year. After that I was wondering what happens with the nursing sessions... Once they start eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner; drinking juice or water from a cup or sippy cup... Do they still nurse a lot or does it drop down... How do you incorparate BF and healthy eating habits....

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    Default Re: Extended BF info wanted, please!

    After a year, you can limit nursing to a few times a day (provided baby is eating a healthy and balanced diet of solids) or you can continue to nurse on demand. As the transition to solids occur, some babies continue to nurse frequently while others rapidly drop nursing sessions. So it's very individual!

    Breastfeeding makes healthy eating habits a cinch. Breastmilk continues to be the healthiest, most balanced food you can offer a kid, even after the 1 year mark, and that means that you don't have to worry if your toddler goes on a food strike and refuses solids, or a food jag where she will only eat one thing, or of she gets sick and can't keep anything down except breastmilk. All you have to do is offer a varied diet of healthy solids and let her choose what she eats and how much she eats, and have faith that any shortfalls are made up for by your milk. And as long as baby nursed 3-5 times per day, you don't have to worry about her "dairy" intake, because she's getting what she needs from you. If she nurses less than that, however, you need to make sure she eats some full-fat dairy, which includes whole milk, cheese, and yogurt, but not milk substitutes like soy milk or rice milk.

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    Default Re: Extended BF info wanted, please!

    what mommal said!!

    Toddler nursing is so simple.. at least in my case!! I stressed about how to handle it when LO was close to a year (he is my first of my own). I still nurse on demand for the most part. And we co-sleep so he nurses at night quite a bit. I don't often offer, but leave it to him to ask. And he definitely does. It has slowed down quite a bit...if we are out and about he often doesn't ask, but when we are home he asks at least 4 times a day still. And those sessions range from a full on nursing session to just a quick drive by. Of course, his nursing just tapered down over time - when he was 14 months or so he was still nursing quite frequently. It really does depend on the child and what works for you.
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    Default Re: Extended BF info wanted, please!

    I have always extended breastfed by still letting them nurse on demand -- breastfeeding is not about nutrition only, especially at that age -- and giving them three meals and two snacks. If they eat, fine. If they don't, fine too. My breastmilk is still perfect for them.

    All three of my older kids self weaned due to pregnancy. I took the don't offer, dont refuse path with that, as for me breastfeeding while pregnant is excruciatingly painful.

    Sometimes toddlers need the cuddles and snuggles of a long nursing session, other times, a quick sip is good.

    If todd,er falls, bangs their head, is upset, it's a marvelous tool to calm them down. I miss it for that currently. My toddler throws epic tantrums -- and I do not say that lightly, as my eldest threw horrible fits -- and I wish I could help him calm down by nursing him.

    For us, the last to go was that AM session. What a delightful way to wake int he morning.
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    Default Re: Extended BF info wanted, please!

    I like this short article: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17

    The nursing relationship changes so much as baby grows. I am sure you have experienced this sugarfoot-think of the vast difference between nursing a 4 week old and nursing a 4 month old. These changes continue-of course you can set limits as you wish, this becomes easier, imo, with a chld who is capable of two way verbal communication, but changes also happen just naturally and organically.

    And I hear ya on the tantrums and the owies. Nursing becomes mom's secret weapon against meltdowns!
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