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Thread: Sippy for 6 month old

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    Default Sippy for 6 month old

    What sippy cups have you had luck with?

    We are starting a few solids, just hunks of banana, avocado, and tonight, broccoli, and I would like to offer her some milk in a sippy along with it too. And it would just be a great way to get some milk into her along with her "meal" since I can't nurse her right before offering a solids meal like I would normally.

    How do I teach her about it tho? I can't remember how I taught DD1...

    Hard spout? Hard spout with soft covering?? A straw seems like it could make her lazy. Won't she have to work harder with a sippy that has a valve? I have seen one that I know for sure I don't like. It's basically a spout shaped nipple. It's soft silicone like an artificial nipple, but it's shaped like a spout with a big opening and no valve. All she'd have to do is drool on it and it would give milk.

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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    Every baby is different... Mine just turned 6 months on Wednesday and I am waiting for the Pedi appt. on Tuesday to start solids...very skin sentitive ?allergies. I bought the tommy teepe sippy cups and the Gerber a well. They are labeled with the "Age" that they are intended for...+4 month, 9 months and so on. I got the ones that are recommended for the +4 months. I did the same for DD1 and I had no problems with any of them, he really never had a preference for any one brand or type.
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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    No real advice on the sippy cup mama....(I think we used those NUK soft tip cups, but they tend to leak, and then quickly moved to a cup with a valve)......but I wanted to check in and see how "things" were going. Any more success with getting your LO to nurse while awake? Does starting solids seem to help with her being more receptive of the breast??

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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    Every baby is different. I like the soft valve ones as they are easy on their mouths. Sme babies don't like them though. I have one of just about every brand, and IMHO, there is no best one.

    She is too young for a straw one though. Most babies don't get sucking through a straw until 9 months or so.
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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    It really just depends on your baby. Mine preferred the soft spout kind, but had no preference beyond that. He transitioned to a normal cup very well a little after 12 months.

    Mine was drinking from an open cup long before he figured out how to use a straw (I think he was ~15 monts old before he could use a straw ). Some babies do very well with a straw though, mine was just not one of them. Don't worry too much if your baby has trouble with any one thing right now. Mine couldn't do straws or hard spouts at all during his infancy, but will drink from anything now - cups, open water bottles, spouted water bottles, straws, whatever you give him.
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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    As PP have said, each kid is different.
    But, I have had luck with the born free sippys. We used them with DS, and introduced DD1 and DD2 to them around 8 months or so (with water, now they get cow's milk). They may leak a bit, but I think that is because they have been used heavily. The spout is nice and soft. We probably have 10 or so in constant use.
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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    My LO didn't particularly care for the soft spout ones. I ended up trying an Avent natural cup which is labeled 12+ months. She preferred that because it was more like a regular cup (which she always grabs for when Im drinking). She's not great at it yet, but she sure tries! She just turned five months today! We only give her a little bit of BM in the cup mostly during our dinners since she likes to participate with us. Otherwise she is EBF

    When we first started out, we just bought a couple of different ones and let her try them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ryanandjoshsmom View Post
    Any more success with getting your LO to nurse while awake?
    It's better in the evenings. But still best if she's really tired. But she *will* latch almost always now. And *THAT* is an improvement from a couple of months ago. Now, I am just trying to get her to stay on and wait for the letdown. She still won't latch anywhere but in my bedroom with the sound machine blaring in dim lighting. But that's okay with me. On June 26th, she will be 7 months. Did you get to read that mom Julie's article? Her baby started to come around at 7 months. Sometimes my LO will latch and then become more alert as she nurses. I'm taking this as a good sign of improvement too since she's nursing and she knows she's nursing, KWIM?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ryanandjoshsmom View Post
    Does starting solids seem to help with her being more receptive of the breast??
    Not yet, she's just not that interested. Even tho I know what everyone says, "food is just for fun the first year" yadi-yadi-yadda, I still wish she'd eat a little bit. It would ease my mind on our really hard days where nothing goes right and I feel like she didn't get enough. So I'm trying to do food just like nursing, offer it, act as if I really don't care one way or the other and not leave her in the high chair too long. Today, she had a blast gnawing on some cold raw sweet potato fries. I think it was more of a teething thing tho.
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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    At six months, mine liked the Avent soft spout kind.

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    Default Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    So far the Dr. Browns 6 month sippy and the Playtex soft spout ones are a no go. I removed the valve from the Playtex one just to give her a taste of milk but she just lets it dribble out of her mouth. I put the valve back in and she just chews on it. When I tried the Dr. Browns, she got really mad so I stopped offering it.

    But she's nursing a little bit in between nursings to sleep this weekend. I am still doing my routine of dim lighting and sound machine and offering side lying, but she does cry as soon as I lay her on the bed still. She soothes herself with her thumb for a minute while I hand express just to work the milk down. And then she will latch and nurse through the letdown.

    If I can continue to squeeze nursings in between when she nurses to sleep (or groggy at least), I can maybe not set my alarm at night and nurse her in her sleep, and instead just nurse her if/when she wakes.

    Feeling hopeful. She's 7 months old now. I know another mother whose baby turned the corner at 7 months.
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