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Thread: LO scared to BF?!?

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    Question LO scared to BF?!?

    My DD is 3 months old and just recently (within the past few days) she doesn't want ANYTHING to do with me. I work full time so she does get a bottle twice a day at the babysitter's and I go there on lunch to nurse. Bottles are nothing new to her so I know it's not nipple confusion. I sit down with her and start to pull my shirt up and she looks at me and just starts balling inconsolably. I try to talk softly to her to try to relax her but it only gets worse when I bring her my breast. She becomes rigid, turns her head away and screams until I put her down. It's to the point where I cringe and tense up every time we sit down to try to nurse, which I know is only making the problem worse.

    I know I have a forceful let down and over supply which I'm working on fixing right now... and I do try to delatch and catch my first let down while nursing so that she's not choking it down.

    She just seems scared... does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep her calm and relaxed?? I've tried lightly touching her arms and legs to get her to calm down and since she is so sensative to touch it only makes things worse.

    Augh... please help, I just really want to feel that closeness that everyone talks about while breastfeeding their LO... it just seems like one struggle after another.

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    She might be a little scared of the letdown. So encourageing nursing and reassociating it with a relaxing experience might help. Have you tried dream nursing? Basically nurse her in her sleep or just as she still very sleepy from waking. Do you co-cleep? Also wearing baby skin to skin in a wrap. Like all day long or very often.
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    Is she just doing this at lunch? Or at other times of the day?

    Try a different postion.
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    with PP. I have a very forceful letdown, and my son would scream at the breast too. Keeping him in the sling and nursing him while walking around helped. Nursing in a reclined position helped a lot too. I would lean back on a few pillows, put him on my chest or stomach, and let him latch. It took a lot of adjusting the positioning to find something that worked for us, but it saved our nursing relationship once we got it down.
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    Morning, noon and night... I've tried craddle and football (she hates the right breast so it's usually just football on right anyway). She wont nurse in side laying position. I have recently been trying to hold her in football and sitting up while I lay back a little bit so the letdown isn't so forceful, she seems confused by it.

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