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Thread: 15mo old possibly self weaning?

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    Default 15mo old possibly self weaning?

    Hi all! My daughter is almost 15mo old. She has never been a great sleeping, so I nurse her to sleep. That has worked until just recently. I am wondering if she is self-weaning... (I hope not) She has recently been working on getting her 4th molar... and she has been running fever on and off... and the past few nights, nursing her to sleep hasn't been working... she either doesn't stay asleep or she pulls off and wants to snuggle sleep... also the past few nights she hasn't been sleeping well AT ALL! She will only sleep on me in our bed.

    Also, she hasn't been nursing well during the day... :-(

    Please just advice... no horror stories. Thank you!
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    Default Re: 15mo old possibly self weaning?

    Keep offering. Try with something for teething. See where it goes
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    Default Re: 15mo old possibly self weaning?

    It is possible but unlikely. I agree, keep offering and give her something to relieve the teething and fever. I hate when my son refuses to nurse. I worry about weaning and feel a little rejected. But he always goes back full force.
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    Default Re: 15mo old possibly self weaning?

    It is unusual for a 15 month old to self wean, so keep offering.

    My 19 month old was doing something similar (latching for a few sucks then pulling off and snuggling to sleep instead) recently while fighting off a cold. I think his throat hurt, so although he wanted to nurse he gave up quickly possibly because of discomfort. Ibuprofen helped some, and he nursed best while side lying during that time. Ear infections can cause a reluctance to nurse as well. Often babies prefer to be more upright with ear infections. You can try switching up positions to see if it helps. You might also consider taking her in to see a doctor to rule out illness. My son has gone back to nursing very frequently (and enthusiastically) since his cold started clearing up.
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    Default Re: 15mo old possibly self weaning?

    Ibuprofen given! and I am going to call the doc tomorrow! Thanks ladies for the great info... I was starting to feel heart-broken thinking about her weaning...

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