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Thread: Transition off of formula supplementing HELP PLEASE

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    You were saying that you don't have a super accurate scale... I think I read that link. So, how much formula are you giving PER DAY? Something like 24 ounces? What if you drop that by one ounce every day - not one ounce every feeding.

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    You could try starting a feeding with an ounce of formula and then finishing at the breast. He might be more willing to work and nurse more which is good for your supply and goes a lot way to preventing nipple confusion, which is part of the reason he fusses for a bottle.

    Nursing is way better than pumping. I would nurse, nurse nurse and start cutting out formula supplements.
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    Hi there!!! I started supplementing very early on when my son was admitted for dehydration at 5 days old, it was so hard for us to get back to the breast and I did not have the benefit of an IBCLC but I did find a local LLL group and leader to help support me on my journey which was worth a million to me personally.

    what worked for us was to drop just one formula feeding every 4-5 days and on the first two days be prepared for pain and anguish and crying etc.... while you all get used to the new normal. the last feeding was the hardest for us and I can't really explain it except i had apparently picked the hardest feeding; the late afternoon early evening between 4-6 was ours and no matter what my son was inconsolable during that time for at least a week.... It was hard and rough but in the end I am soooooo very happy we made it back to breast all the time. at least until I went to work and was pumping all the time i was away.... HTH

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*missa113 View Post
    I was figuring from my first experience with the lactation consultant who told me he was not getting enough after weighing him before and after breastfeeding.
    How long ago was that done? Before and after nursing weight checks can be a very helpful tool. But it is important to understand that one before and after weight check only tells you how much milk your baby transferred at that single nursing session. Not only does milk transfer normally vary throughout the day, a baby will normally increase in ability to extract milk efficiently as time goes on. I think a few before and after weight checks should be done to really determine if baby is not transferring milk well, and then again, milk transfer is likely to increase assuming you have been assisted in fixing whatever issues were causing the poor milk transfer and/or baby is naturally and normally getting better at milk extraction as baby grows and gains experience.

    He is taking 2-3 oz's of formula. Once he is done breastfeeding he expects/wants a bottle, he will fuss until he gets one I am not sure how to get this behavior to stop.
    What if you offer to nurse again? Or try other comforting techniques (as long as you feel baby is getting enough at the breast?) If you are still sure baby needs supplements, what about giving an ounce or so of formula or pumped milk before nursing and allowing baby to finish at the breast?

    2-3 ounces could be an entire feeding for this age-depending on how often you are nursing/feeding. Babies will often take whatever they are offered in a bottle because they have a need to suckle, and a bottle empties quickly with little effort from baby, not because they are hungry or could not be satisfied at the breast. If you are not already doing so, as long as you need to supplement, you could try paced bottle feeding, this allows bottle feeding to be a bit more like breastfeeding for a few reasons and helps cut back on overfeeding with the bottle. But I think you may want to have baby reassessed to make sure baby even needs supplements at all anymore.

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