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Thread: Boost supply = lower sex drive?

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    Default Boost supply = lower sex drive?


    I'm nursing my almost nine month old exclusively and recently wanted to boost my supply so it's easier to pump so I can create a little stash.

    A friend made me lactation cookies and I've been eating two a day for ten days and I've noticed a decrease in sex drive which I have not had a problem with AT ALL.

    Could the two be related? It makes sense to me that if your sex drive is diminished by the hormones needed to breastfeeding, of you boosted your supply then you would see a difference in you sex drive??

    What do you guys think?


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    Default Re: Boost supply = lower sex drive?

    It's hypothetically possible that increasing supply would impact libido, but I think you want to look to other explanations- like stress, tiredness, birth control choices, your menstrual cycle- before assuming that breastfeeding accounts what you're experiencing. After all, it's only been ten days, and it sounds like the only thing you're doing for supply is eating the lactation cookies. They tend not to be hugely effective when compared to other ways of increasing supply.

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    Default Re: Boost supply = lower sex drive?

    Glad to know that there are now supplements and pills that can help you boost and enhance your libido to be active and good in sex and also to satisfy and give pleasure to your partner.

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