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Thread: Heading back to work after mastitis

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    Default Heading back to work after mastitis

    After 8 blissful months of healthy breasts I am now home with my first bout of mastitis. Man it is awful, I see what the other posts here mean about how painful and achy flu-like it is. But while at home, versus the office, I'm finding myself distracted with thoughts that I should be doing the laundry and cleaning as opposed to resting. But it's mid-morning and I've already taken a 2 hour nap. This is day two of the illness and I've started antibiotics so am starting to feel human again.

    Anyone else been through this? I'm wondering how much to expect from myself when I head back to work tomorrow. I work about a half hour from home in a large financial service's Internal Audit department, so lots of screen time, heavy thinking/analysis, and meetings.

    Thx guys,
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    Default Re: Heading back to work after mastitis

    I haven't been through this, sorry! I wish I could help. All of the posts about mastitis always say rest, rest, rest and nurse, nurse, nurse. So forget about that laundry!!

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    Default Re: Heading back to work after mastitis

    You should be taking care of yourself, not the house. It's the best way to get through mastitis. For work, take your pain meds/anti-inflammatory meds with you, so if you start to feel worse, you can take them.

    Maybe plan for a nap in the car over lunch hour? Maybe plan to leave work right on time - not working OT? Plan something easy for dinner, and rest and recuperate in the evenings. No housework then, just rest and take care of baby.

    Feel better soon!
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