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Thread: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

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    Default need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    I am strictly breastfeeding my 6 week old son. I just got cleared to begin working out from my doctor. She said it was fine for me to start working out but I am worrying about my milk supply. I have heard stories of women whose milk supply had dried up or that the baby doesn't like the taste of the milk. Should I be concerned? Does anyone have any advice for working out while breastfeeding?? Please help!! Thanks!!

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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    i have never heard of anything like this. dont work out so much you wipe yourself out - i imagine the level of workout/low body fat that would have kept your period away before is likely to impact supply now. and some people have problems with plugged ducts from sports bras. ease in and i cant imagine any problems.*
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    Trouble usually occurs when someone loses too much weight too fast. Just ease into a workout routine, stay hydrated, and eat enough healthy foods.
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    with the PP. A constrictive sports bra would be the biggest potential problem, since anything that constructs/binds can result in plugged ducts or lowered supply. So if you have a compression-style bra, you probably want to go bra shopping and get something that supports from the shoulders and the band, instead of just squashing you flat. And if you've gone up a size or two since the last time you worked out-and a lot of moms do!- that's another good reason to shop. Title Nine has a wonderful assortment of good bras: http://www.titlenine.com/category/sp...ies.do?nType=1
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    I remember nursing DS2 right after working out without wiping off at all and he was fine with it. I loved getting out walking with him.
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    I have done p90x while exclusively breastfeeding both my babies. With my current nursing, she is still exclusively bfing I do p90x in the morning and run or walk in the afternoon and it hasn't impacted supply. But make sure to drink a lot of water! You will need extra with exercise.
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    Constrictive sports bras can be a problem. Get a bra fitting so you know your current size and consider purchasing a bra that is not just compression. High impact motion control (or encapsulation) bras stop movement without so much pressure. I am a big fan of Champion, if you have a moderate cup size, like no bigger than a C or D. Larger breasted ladies are better off with one of the brands made specifically for large breasts, IMO.
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    I've been walking since we brought DS home and began jogging 2 weeks ago...when he lets me I work at Target so nearly all my clothes are from there and I really like their C9 by Champion sports non-compression bras, but I'm only a B so...

    Yup, just make sure you're eating enough and drinking lots! Remember, it took 9 months to put it on it's going to take AT LEAST 9 months to take it off.
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    I've been working out for the last 3 weeks and my baby has no trouble taking my breastmilk. I even fed her right after a work-out session once... granted, I did rinse myself clean before feeding her. I don't do any heavy work-outs sessions.. just a 20 minute light elliptical or treadmill session, followed by 10-15 minutes on different leg/arm machines. I do breakout in a sweat but I also make sure I'm hydrated during the entire session. I also try to work out everyday... at the very least, every other day.

    I wear a very loose tank top, layered by a ridiculously oversized tshirt. I had issues with plugged ducts when I wore a sports bra, so now I just wear a loose cami underneath and that's good enough to keep me covered/soak up the sweat & breastmilk
    You could buy a sports bra with no wires and wear that too. I realized, since my breasts have swollen a lot since breastfeeding, I started wearing 2 sizes larger then usual. Example: I use to be a XS/S... I'm now wearing L... even a M is uncomfortable at times.
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    Default Re: need advice for exercising while breast feeding

    Thank you all so much!! I appreciate all the advice!

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