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Thread: Tummy upset

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    My 6 week old daughter has been doing great with BF and her diapers are great. However, I have noticed a slow down in poop diapers. When she does have one, it's nice and big. Another thing I have noticed is when she nurses, her digestive system is very loud and active. Is this all normal as she is developing or should I contact her Dr?
    BTW, all you mothers who responded to my other post (Fussy, gassy, and spit up) thank you so much!!!! I quit pumping and her spit up has gotten better.

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    All normal. After 6 weeks, exclusively breast fed babies can slow down to a poop every week or even more, and it's totally fine. as long as she doesn't show signs of being constipated (pellety hard poop, straining, etc). i have a friend who pooped on wednesdays - and her mom didn't leave the house that day - cause babies who poop once a week pool A LOT that day.

    mine was regularly on a 4-5 day schedule - and at 10 & 11 weeks just happened to make his pooping days the two days we were on the airplane ...

    sounds like normal digestion too - some of us are just noisier than others!
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    All normal, and don't freak out if suddenly you're going days without poop. As little as 1 poop per week is normal, though as the PP said, when a baby poops infrequently the poop will be a diaper buster when it finally emerges!

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